A Verbal Radiation Of Chaos

The Egyptian Lover, a true Electro legend, King of the 808 beats & Baddest DJ, talks to Entropia, shares a killer unreleased dub version of “This That Old School” and remains burning hot!

– A few weeks after your blast performance in Athens, what taste have the Greek freaks left you and what memories can you recall from your previous visit, almost 10 years ago?

Greece has some of the most beautiful women in the world. As I was performing I saw the most beautiful women there in the front 4 or 5 rows and it hyped me up to do an even more amazing performance. The last time I was there was my first time in Athens and I had a great time as well. I most definitely have to come back more often to Greece. The Food is some of the best I ever had.

– Do you remember the very first time you set foot on stage? Where was it? Tell us a few things about the early days of The Egyptian Lover, Τhe Uncle Jamm’s Army and The Radio Crew .

The first time was at my High School DJing a lunch Dance. I was above everyone in a DJ booth and it felt good. Everyone treated me like a celebrity just by being in there. I then started DJing for Uncle Jams Army and the crowds grew larger and larger because they haven’t seen anything like me before. It was a new era in DJing. I also DJ’d at Club Radio with my 808 and that brought about a documentary “Breaking and Entering” from there I made a record with Uncle Jamm’s Army and then my solo record Egypt Egypt that blew up and I’ve been on the road since. It’s always a good feeling when you are up on stage. Rockin’ the crowd is my destiny.

The Egyptian Lover with Uncle Jamm’s Army, Early 80’s​

– What made you decide to launch your very own label, Egyptian Empire Records, and how did you decide to only put out the “Filthy” album, through NuBeat Records.

I sold Mix tapes at my High School with my own Raps on them and did pretty well for myself. I was only 16 years old with $500 to $1,000 in sales every week. So when I started making Records the only logical thing was to have my own record label. I put out “Filthy” on NuBeat Records because it was an album I was going to skip and do a greatest hits instead. But I was offered a lot of money to put it out on NuBeat so I did it. It was an album that almost didn’t see the turntables. I’m glad I put it out now, my fans like that album.

– On the “Platinum Pyramids” album there is a tune called “Keep it Hot”. Is Egyptian Lover burning hot in 2018?

Yes, like the Sun. You can feel me and my music all around this Planet. I keep it Hot!

– From “Computer Power” to “Future Computer” Jamie Jupitor was there! Tell us a few things about him and the role he played in the Egyptian Lover music throughout the decades.

My best friend Bo Brown is Jamie Jupiter and we love this style of music. He sometimes comes with me on Shows. We always have a good time when we are together. We actually came to Greece together the first time and we really enjoyed it.

The Egyptian Lover & Jamie Jupitor

The Egyptian Lover & Jamie Jupitor, Athens, Greece ’09 (Bios)

– What makes 808 Beats & Electro Funk sound timeless?

That 808 is an amazing drum machine. It is so futuristic that every song I make with it sounds like something from the future. I absolutely love everything about it. I still use it in my shows and the crowd loves the sound of it live. I guess that’s why they call me the king of the 808.

– Being a pioneer, how do you feel about the Electro scene of today and the plentiful, quality releases that keep coming out? Are new producers killin’ it?

I like a lot of it. I like the creativity of many electro producers. Some are new to it but get better with time. I hear them play and it’s ok but then years go by and then they are really good and keep getting better. Long Live Electro!

– Which is your favourite record store? Where do you buy records from?

Amoeba in Hollywood is really good. And right around the corner is The Record Parlour. Those are my hang out spots.

– Australian label Left Ear Records, is about to announce a brand new 12″ with “I’ m An Arabian Knight” tune from Shahara-Ja, remixed and reworked by you. How did this release come about ?​

I heard the song and just had to do a ReMix and re-release it. It’s a great song and people need to hear it.

– Maybe it’s pretty obvious, but where did you draw inspiration for “Belly Dance”?

I’ve liked watching girls dance since I can remember. So I decided to make an Electro Bellydance song for the future Belly Dancers. Now they can Keep it Hot!

– Is there any piece of equipment you desire to add next to your TR-808, SVC-350 Vocoder and Jupiter 8 synthesizer, for a future project?

Emulator II. Just wait till you hear 1985.

– How did it all start for the unique hand drawn cover art you make? Have you thought of organizing an exhibition? Is there any way the freaks can put their hands on these works of art?

An exhibition is coming soon. I’ve been drawing since I can remember. But when Peanut Butter Wolf saw a few covers he absolutely loved them and said “Man your Fans would love to own a piece of your Art” so I started drawing more and more and more. Now it’s time for an Art Show!

Unique covers collection, hand art by The Egyptian Lover

“Egyptian Robot shop”, hand art by The Egyptian Lover​

– Apart from a busy touring schedule, what else is in plan for the near future?

1985 Album Dropping on August 8 (808 Day) 2018.
International Freak Video.
Return to 1985 Video.
Another new album for all the Electro Freaks to lose their minds. It’s so good. So make sure you buy 1984 so you can have the full collection.

​The Egyptian Lover, Athens, Greece ’18​ (Temple)

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Photoshoot: Kat Yan, Ifigenia Kortesi