Ecstasy 恍惚/エクスタシー


A standout work amid the myriad records of the x-rated-lounge genre of the 1960s and 1970s that catered to adult audiences in both the east and the west. Japanese maestro of percussion, Masami Kawahara, who was a mainstay in both the jazz and pop scenes in Japan, brought together musicians including Akira Ishikawa, Masaoki Terakawa, and Jake H. Concepcion for this recording. The tracks boast a unique and eclectic mix of musical elements spanning Latin, soul jazz, Afrobeat, and psychedelic styles. The erotic moods conjured up through various sound effects and female moans / scat vocals are sure to evoke pleasure, as well as some bashfulness, in listeners. A bizzare and idiosyncratic work often categorized under the mondo / bizarre slot. Comes with obi strip.

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  • A1. Temptation
  • A2. Manha De Carnaval
  • A3. Taboo
  • A4. Jungle Drums
  • A5. Swahili
  • A6. Hombre Y Mujer
  • B1. Mit Day Lagoon
  • B2. Nightingale
  • B3. The Voodoo
  • B4. Flamingo
  • B5. Emiliano Zapata
  • B6. Poinciana

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