Sound Transportation / Transfer International

Format: LP
Release Year: 2020

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This project is about contemporary improvisatory and electronic music. To Pikap Recrods has invited six musical projects of artists who inhabit in North Rhine – Westphalia, Germany and six musical projects of artists who inhabit in Thessaloniki, Greece to participate in their program. They have aided both parties to get in contact and open a channel of communication in order to work together online through exchanging material and ideas. This procedure has led to the creation of six new team projects. The performances were recorded live and this compilation is the outcome of this recordings.

Tracks for: Sound Transportation / Transfer International
A1. Joker Nies, James Wylie - 23.09.2019
A2. Achim Zepezauer, Vasilis Liolios - 07.10.2019
A3. Eckard Vossas, Dimitris Tasoudis - 03.11.2019
B1. Miki Yui, Iliana Christaki - 15.12.2019
B2. Dirk Specht, Christos Yermenoglou - 14.11.2019
B3. Snowcrash, Savvas Metaxas - 21.10.2019

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