Malam Minggu : A Saturday Night In Sunda

Label: Akuphone
Format: LP
Release Year: 2019

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A compilation of Southeast Asia’s finest late 80s tracks. Music from the Indonesian archipelago,from the region of Sunda in western Java. During the post-independence climate of the 1960s, Presidents Sukarno and Suharto encouraged artists to renew and innovate traditional Indonesian art forms in an attempt to limit and control the spread of Western music – which was banned from broadcasting in 1961. This policy saw a revival of traditional musical styles like gamelan degung, and the emergence of Indonesian singing genres: jaipong and pop sunda.

Tracks for: Malam Minggu : A Saturday Night In Sunda
A1. Nano S - Kalangkang
A2. Tati Saleh – Sinden Sohor (The Famous Singer)
A3. Nano S - Parkir (Parking)
A4. Nano S - Malam Minggu (Saturday Night)
B1. Group Gentra Madya – Gupay Pileuleuyan (Good Bye, I Want To Go)
B2. Tati Saleh, Marriza Group – Papatet / Dareuda (Papatet / Speak While Restraining Sick)
B3. Group Gentra Madya – Sambal Lada (Hot Chilli)
B4. Mang Memed Group – Kulu Kulu Gancang (A Fast Song)

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