Exploring Gong Culture In Southeast Asia_Massif And Archipelago

Label: Sub Rosa
Format: LP
Release Year: 2022

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Gongs and Asia are interweaved in a long-standing tradition. As David Toop states in Massif and Archipelago’s linear notes, this is a music that does not confine in strict national borders or ideas of homogenous populations and racial stereotypes. Communal and collaborative, its form is hypnotically repetitious, melodies and rhythms spread out among the players using the technique of hocketing in which a flowing line is distributed among all the musicians. This project is a field recording project initiated by Japanese sound artist Yasuhiro Morinaga, documenting traditional gong music by different Southeast Asian ethnic groups. The project aimed to examine the impact of the natural and social environment on the gong music culture of Southeast Asia. During the project, he visited over 50 different ethnic groups and made hundreds of recordings. This album presents a selection of the unique gong music from different ethnic minorities. The selected music has been divided into two broad sections: one focussing on the music from the Massif, i.e. mainland Southeast Asia (Central Highland of Vietnam and Northeast Cambodia), the other on music from the Archipelago, maritime Southeast Asia (the Luzon Islands of the Philippines, Borneo, Sulawesi, and the Flores Islands of Indonesia).

Tracks for: Exploring Gong Culture In Southeast Asia_Massif And Archipelago
A1. Buffalo Sacrifice (Cambodia)
A2. Duet Gongs (Vietnam)
A3. Offering To The Spirits (Cambodia)
A4. Cut The Bamboo (Vietnam)
A5. Buffalo Sacrifice (Vietnam)
B1. Ghet Khil By (Vietnam)
B2. Funeral Music (Vietnam)
B3. Rooster Dance (Philippines)
B4. Music For Funeral Ceremony (Indonesia)
B5. Soka Dance / Beitoken (Indonesia)
B6. Tadok (Philippines)
B7. Harvesting / Kandingngang (Indonesia)

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