Benga Music : A Signature Genre From Kenya

Label: FLEE
Style: African, Funk, Soul
Format: LP
Release Year: 2017

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FLEE’s first issue entitled Benga Music – A Signature Genre from Kenya is an attempt to document the Kenyan timeless music genre benga. A visual as well as audio tribute to the heritage of East African music as it comes with a 16-page silkscreen printed magazine and envelope with references and insights on the benga genre.

Tracks for: Benga Music : A Signature Genre From Kenya
A1. D.O. Misiani - Otieno Owing Ramogi
A2. C.K. Jazz Band - Rapar Wuon Osimbo
A3. Migori Super Stars - Anyango Maggy
B1. D.O. Misiani, Nik Weston, Rudy's Midnight Machine - Otieno Owing Ramogi (Nik Weston Mukatsuku & Rudy Midnight Machine edit)
FLEE001 B2. C.K. Jazz Band, Jaakko Eino Kalevi - Rapar Wuon Osimbo (Jaakko Eino Kalevi edit)
FLEE001 B3. Migori Super Stars, Africaine 808 - Anyango Maggy (Africaine 808 edit)

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