Valentina Goncharova

Recordings 1987 - 1991, Vol. 2

Label: Shukai
Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2022

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Valentina Goncharova’s Vol. 2 it is in direct contrast to the solo works of Vol. 1. Where Vol. 1 explored her home studio experiments and flirtations with musique concrete and new age, this volume seeks to give audience to similarly DIY recordings developed in collaborative environments away from the conservatoire. A mixture of free jazz improvisational ethos and electroacoustic. Atypical instrument playing and electronic experimentations in this Soviet era gem.

Tracks for: Recordings 1987 - 1991, Vol. 2
A1. Reincarnation II (w/ Alexander Aksenov)
A2. Untitled I (w/ Sergey Letov)
A3. Untitled II (w/ Sergey Letov)
A4. Untitled III (w/ Sergey Letov)
B1. Rock Jazz (w/ Pekka Airaksinen)
B2. Temble Woman (w/ Pekka Airaksinen)
B3. Cosmic Love (w/ Pekka Airaksinen)

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