The San Lucas Band

La Voz de Las Cumbres (Music Of Guatemala)

Style: Latin
Format: LP
Release Year: 2024

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First reissue of these cult 1974 recordings of a Mayan brass band playing funeral dirges and popular songs in its distinctive extended harmonic and rhythmic style. Its unique sound derived from an unusual combination of instruments, a repertoire including pieces dating from more than fifty years before the recordings were made to more recent ones, and above all from the highland Maya style of its playing, which is characterized by a preference for freer rhythmic structures and a wider variety of pitches than Western scales allow.

Tracks for: La Voz de Las Cumbres (Music Of Guatemala)
A1. Marcha Número Cuatro (March Number Four)
A2. Marcha Número Tres (March Number Three)
A3. Marcha Número Seis (March Number Six)
B1. Chufa (The Chuj)
B2. El Son de Los Altos (The Son From The Mountain Tops)
B3. Las Tres Botellas (The Three Bottles)
B4. La Chirimía (The Chirimía)
B5. Noches Eternas (Eternal Nights)

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