Label: Rekem
Format: 2xLP
Release Year: 2019

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On this album Panos Charalambous collects field recordings, performance and installation documentations & contributions brought into this expansive project. Bringing together Mike Cooper & Tasos Stamou’s London Taximi, midnight recordings of jackals captured on Greece’s Mount Athos, Aggelos Krallis’ raw take on Misirlu, a rhythmic dance on glass cups under the distant sounds of a country festival, as well as voice-o-graph records containing voices and immigrant stories from the 50s, Charalambous pieces together a rich and manifold sound mosaic, reinstating neglected or unknown voices from the Balkan peninsula. The edition also includes an essay by Thanasis Moutsopoulos on the secret post-war history of folk music in Greece.

Listen to: An Eagle Was Standing… by Panos Charalambous
A1. Aquis Submersus (Submerged into the Water/Drowned)
A2. The Game of Fate (Akarnanian Blues)
A3. Wet Lament
A4. Dance On The Glasses (Anastenaris)
B1. Cuppigs (Pneumonia Blues)
B2. Priest's Wife From Xiromero
B3. 4 DJs And An Auto Pick Up
B4. Ah-Vah Taximi
B5. Deep Into The Sea I Shall Fall
C1. Misirlou, Girl From Misiri
C2. London Taximi (Excerpt)
C3. Holy Jackals
C4. Lamenti d'Epiro
D1. Northern Metallic Breeze
D2. Bam & Boom
D3. K. Chronis' Voice
D4. Southern Breeze
D5. Mesologi Rast
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