Nyssa Musique

Comme Au Moulin

Format: LP
Release Year: 2021

In stock


The Ici Bientôt label arm of wonderful Parisian record store Geminicricket returns with another gem plucked from the world of uncategorisable 80’s French private press records, following up Nef’s ‘Mais Alors!!?… C’est À L’Envers’ with a welcome reissue of Nyssa Musiques’ 1985 percussive deluge ‘Comme Au Moulin’. Their sole self-release is a breathtaking and staggeringly wide-referencing avant-jazz masterpiece, smelting down varied strains contemporary minimalism, spiritual jazz, Indian classical, traditional gamelan and traditional Central African folk whilst retaining an unbelievable sense of cohesion and not confining themselves to a specific genre tag. It’s no surprise that members of the group studied and graduated from one of the most prestigious musical schools in France – the playing and musicianship is sublime – maintaining consistency and rhythm through complex marimba passages that draw obvious comparisons to Midori Takada’s work with Mkwaju Ensemble whilst other members fill the spaces in between.

Tracks for: Comme Au Moulin
A1. Rienne
A2. Route De Sumatra
A3. Biside
A4. Comme Au Moulin
B1. Lacustre
B2. Vol D'ibis
B3. Oued
B4. Sargasses
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