Life Is A Heavy Burden: Ghazals And Poetry From Afghanistan

Label: Strut
Format: LP
Release Year: 2022

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Strut present the first compilation of legendary Afghan Ghazal singer Dr. Mohammad Sadiq Fitrat a.k.a. Nashenas, recorded at the Radio Afghanistan Studios and later released on singles by the Royal label in Iran. Nashenas first made his move towards music aged 16 in 1951 when he approached Afghanistan’s national radio station, Radio Kabul, with an idea for a broadcast and, impressed with his language skills, they offered him a permanent job. After unsuccessful initial forays into singing sessions for the station, he honed his skills as a writer, singer and musician, playing the harmonium. Inspired by a movie he had seen at the cinema, Nashenas wrote a new poem and sang on air again after the evening news, using the name ‘Nashenas’ (meaning ‘unknown’) for the first time. Following a wave of positive feedback from the public, he was given a new weekend slot and built his reputation through film song interpretations, famous poems set to music and his own compositions sung in Dari and Pashto.

Listen to: Life Is A Heavy Burden: Ghazals And Poetry From Afghanistan by Nashenas
A1. The Way I Love My Beloved / لکه ز په یار میئین یم
A2. Your Sorrow Is Killing Me / از غمت میرم
A3. Flower Had A Thorn / گل خار داشت
B1. I Am Happy Alone / تنها خوشم
B2. Life Is A Heavy Burden / زندگی بر گردنم بار گرانی
B3. O Beloved, The Sorrow Of Your Love Destroyed Me / جانا ز‌غمت بربادم
B4. The Author Of Destiny / کتاب تقدیر
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