Nakibembe Embaire Group

Nakibembe Embaire Group

Format: LP
Release Year: 2023

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In Nakibembe, a small village in Uganda’s Busoga kingdom locals have long reserved a communal area for musical performances and social events. In the middle of this space lies a deep pit that serves a single purpose: to amplify the embaire, an immense xylophone made up of between 15 and 25 wooden keys that stretches across the trench. The music is played by the Basoga – an Eastern Bantu ethnic group – is specific and unique, with its own tuning, dances and supplemental instrumentation. Up to eight players can surround the embaire and play simultaneously, overlaying hypnotic polyrhythms while additional members of the ensemble add vocals or play shakers and drums. Nakibembe Xylophone Group are one of the last remaining groups that perform with the embaire.

Tracks for: Nakibembe Embaire Group
A1. Omukazi Iwe Ongeyengula Nguli Zna Ntyo Bwenkola
A2. Omulangira Mpango
A3. 140
A4. Baligabana
B1. Bwofuna Sente Opulaninga Ekyina Kuyamba Nga Ngo Kairike
B2. 160
B3. Abe Nakibembe Mwaye Ga, Embaire
B4. 133

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