Larry Achiampong


Format: LP, Gatefold
Release Year: 2017

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Achiampong’s current research has continued the focus on audio and visual samples from the western region of the African continent, using his residency at the British Library as a platform for research and generating new ideas. As a result of this activity, Achiampong developed the ‘Untitled’ project into a vinyl, that amalgamates an original, synth-driven score on one side and a selection of field recordings (that the artist has amassed with the permission of Christ Reformed Church in Peckham and in partnership with South London Gallery) on the other.

Tracks for: Untitled
A1. Back To Church 1
A2. Back To Church 2
A3. Back To Church 3
B1. Untitled 1
B2. Untitled 2

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