Alpha Sect

Black Synapse

Style: EBM, Industrial
Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2021

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Alpha Sect’s Black Synapse EP is a spiral journey into our esoteric power of adjustement. The adjustement that is balanced between our sane and insane states. These inner states that fuel our will to purge our past selves. Purge through fire. Fire, the purifier, the element of nature that transformed humans. Everything starts and ends with fire. The rites and rituals to provoke change are in every person. Our better self is essential to create our better world that we all speak of. Act Now. Join the Ritual. Join the Alpha Sect. Out via the Bogotà based, Pildoras Tapes.

Tracks for: Black Synapse
A1. The Sanity
A2. Ashes In Peril
A3. The Insanity
A4. Pyromancer's Ritual
B1. The Sanity (Happy707 Remix)
B2. Ashes In Peril (HalbMaschine Remix)
B3. The Insanity (Ravetop Italo Mix)
B4. Pyromancer's Ritual (Marea Remix)
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