A Verbal Radiation Of Chaos

Egon, the London based Athenian DJ & record collector well known for his eclectic taste and multispectral selections talks to Entropia to welcome Chaos.

– What motivates you to buy records, listen them in your living room & play them at the club?

Purchasing and collecting records started through a couple of good friends during my college years. They were already experienced record collectors and djs who introduced me to a new way of listening to music.
As a listener, the whole process of buying a record, going through the artwork, placing it on the turntable enables me to focus more on the music. It becomes more of an experience, some kind of ritual that you can share with likeminded people. As a dj, playing with records is more fun for me. It gets more physical and challenging as it takes a lot of effort to practice your skills.
Having said that, the most important thing is the actual music and not the medium.
I still find it exciting to build up my record collection and meet people with the same passion from all over the world.

– Wondering your music origins and background makes me ask which was the first record you bought, when & where?

Back in 2004, I got copy of ‘The Versions’ by Rhythm & Sound from ‘Vinyl Microstore’, one of my favourite Athenian record spots.

– What style of music you enjoy to play most during your sets?

Depending on the occasion, I like to switch between various styles, typically kicking off a set with Chicago and Detroit classics and as the set progresses to add in elements of Italo, Disco, New Wave tunes and wrap it up with slow jams.

– You moved from Athens some years ago but I remember you dropping a tough opening set for AUX88 & Patrice Scott just before you go. What is the feeling to warm up the dancefloor for those legendary producers?

It is an amazing feeling and honor to share the booth with those legendary figures and have the opportunity to carry out an opening set that pays respect to their heritage and at the same time stays fresh.

– How you would describe the Athenian club culture?

I feel that over the last 6-7 years, a number of quality record labels and producers have popped up and managed to cross the borders and get credit on an international stage. There is a plethora of music heads who try to stay active and organise interesting events despite the current social economic issues. There are also a couple of music clubs with top-notch soundsystems. However, I am not sure whether the local crowd is able to filter properly and support those efforts.

– Have you ever felt jumping from DJing to producing your own music?

It has crossed my mind in the past, but I never felt motivated enough to commit and put the necessary time into it.

– What is your current set up?

A pair of MK II SL-1210, a Rane TTM 56 mixer and a pair of JBL LSR 4328P monitors.

– How often do you dig for new sounds? Do you prefer internet, record stores, or flea markets?

I am always an advocate for supporting your local shop. However, over the last year, I have purchased most of my records online mostly because the majority are old stuff that I cannot find anywhere else.

– Which is your favourite physical record store, what makes it special?

‘Redlight Records’ in Amsterdam. A great spot for discovering old, hidden gems that didn’t get the recognition they deserved back in the days.

– Which is the most interesting label you discovered recently?

‘Growing Bin’ records based in Hamburg.

– Plenty of local labels & artists are super busy on pressing new records and releasing quality material nowadays. Which outing attracted you most?

Miltiades’ low-fi and ‘dusty’ sounds.

– Which is the most “cheesy” record of your collection? How proud of it you are?

Really proud to have a copy Shannon’s ‘Let The Music Play’. It is a true dancefloor killer if you drop it in the right moment.

– What else keeps you fresh other than music & records?

Music and photography are my two main passions outside my professional work.

– You had two gigs at Thessaloniki & Athens recently, what is in plan for the near future?

It is very likely that I will do a mellow, laid-back set in Brilliant Corners, one of my favourite bars in London.

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