A Verbal Radiation Of Chaos

DJ Overdose, the notorious DJ & producer from The Hague talks to Entropia, shares a mayhem Miami Bass mix from the past and is still looking for the perfect beat.

– While checking one of your pages we came across the phrase “Wearing a kangol, black shirt, gold chain and sneakers.” How did Hip Hop culture affect you and what did first draw you to turntables and DJing?

I just loved it from the fisrt time I heard it, one of the first things I remember was Melle Mell in Chaka Khan’s, I Feel For You. That rapping is to me timeless and it still sounds great. Hip Hop was very lucky to have Melle Mell right from the get go, some of his lyrics are still the best ever in Hip Hop to me. I mean “The Message” is a hard record to beat. All original music by real musicians with very vivid lyrics that are delivered funky as hell. I can’t really remember when I first saw someone scratching, probably in Herbie Hancock’s video for Rock It, I was always fascinated by the turntable as a kid and at that point somebody was using it to make a noise I never heard before. I just had to do that too!

Grandmaster Melle Mel, circa 1984​

– Do you remember the records you used for your very first set? Where did it take place?

The first time I played, I played all kinds of stuff, probably all the records I had cause I hadn’t been playing a long time. Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, Prince. It was in a small club in The Hague which I can’t remember the name of. I think it was one of the many squat places we had back then.

– Who is your favourite MC, DJ or crew and which era of the 80’s Hip Hop sound attracted you most?

Well I have lots of favorites but I used to be and still am a real Schoolly D fan, the rawness of his stuff is unmatched. Also his sparse rapping and the slang he used. I really love his first three records, there is also a real progression in the production, which is really cool to hear. From drumcomputer with reverb to the use of more and more samplers. The music got more intricate but the first one might still be the best one. Less is more.

Schooly D, circa 1988

– How did you transit from being a DJ to start producing your own music?

In Hip Hop they do a lot of name dropping of the equipment they use, and Hip Hop didn’t sound as if it was going to take a million hours of music lessons, so when I heard them drop SP12 in half the records I had, I wanted to have this machine and try it for myself. The SP12 was hard to find in The Netherlands though, so first I had a shitty drum machine and when I got it, I found out it was still pretty hard to make a beat that would be more than mediocre. A few years later I did find the SP12 and it was one of the best days of my life. So actually, I did put in those million hours of learning after all.

– What is your current gear set up? Is there any piece of equipment you desire to add ?

Lately I ‘ve been having the feeling I have too much stuff, I am actually thinking of slimming down, but at the same time, I like all the single pieces of gear I have.
I don’t have the desire to add anything but if I could get my hands on some classics I think I could not resist. Space Echo, TR808 (again).
I think i would be ok with just having the SP, the SQ80, and maybe my MicroMoog or the Arp Axxe. But I would never let my modded RZ1 go either.

– You recently did a remix on Cli-N-Tel’s “2030” for the german electro label Ground Control. What is the feeling of reworking a classic mid 80’s west coast jam?

I wanted to keep a lot from the original, so I just beefed it up with more kicks and edits and put a bit more of a tough edge on it. I also did one for “Jam On It”, it will be coming out soon hopefully from Neon Finger Records. I took the same approach with this one and I think it’s more of a remix that could have been done around the time the record came out.

– Last year you dropped a 12″ on Domianance Electricity’s sub-label Electro Empire with the main track being a homage to the Polish sci-fi film “Na srebrnym globie”. What is the story behind this record?

I really liked the movie plus the voice of the “Monster” is so cool. Also what he says.
So when I saw the movie and afterwards was making music, I just decided to use it in the track.

– Apart from your plentiful personal releases, you share projects and collaborate a lot with other people.
Which way is more fun to work? Does composing together with other artists make you want to experiment further?

I think experiment-wise I do it more when I do stuff alone. But of course, you do get a different combination of things working together with someone.
I did a whole record with Willie Burns last year, which is maybe not experimental, but just jamming. It’s cool, but it might be a bit too much simply jamming to be heard out there.
I think I ‘m going to put it on my bandcamp tonight hehehe.

– You travel around many countries performing, from small gigs to massive festivals, which was the sweetest highlight you can recall?

I really liked the American tours we did with the Novamen. DJing is mostly more in and out action with sometimes only a day to do some sightseeing and stuff, but touring is something else. DJ gig-wise, I had a lot of good ones, some great, some not so great, just like everybody else.

– Which is your favourite record store? Where do you buy records from?

I don’t buy a lot of new music but I do still want to complete my Miami Bass collection. I don’t want everything but I do want all these I find pretty good. There is no place to buy that here so i get it mostly from Discogs. I do still like to go to record stores if i have the time whenever I am somewhere abroad. In Holland i mostly buy stuff at flea markets or thrift stores.

– Which is the most “cheesy” record of your collection? How proud of it are you?

Pfoe, I don’t think I actually really like cheesy. I have a lot of guilty pleasures but not in a cheesy way. Or if you could call “Love Will Tear Us Apart” cheesy, I think it would be something like that or some New Romantics stuff like Duran Duran or something like that. Billy Idol!! Country music?!

– What’s next in plan for DJ Overdose, what motivates you in 2017?

I’m a man of habits so I guess the same thing as ever, Looking For The Perfect Beat.

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