Free Palestine.

Dexter key soloings, part layerings, repetitive drum patterns, and deeply buried vocalizations, in an hourly ride to the improvised collective self of the eclipse. Recorded for Athens Biennale.

Fuzz guitars, synthesizers & psychedelia from the West Africa. Selected with care by Tania, an African music aficionado & selector who runs the remarkable Polyafrica nights at Baobab, Thessaloniki.

Pene – aka Thanasis Besinis – is 1/2 of Long Distance duo & 1/3 of the mighty Professional Crap Dancers crew in Athens. While still on lockdown and with no signs of clubs or bars reopening anytime soon, he delivers a mix for Entropia Records full of post punk and slo mo cosmic goodness of a night out that could have been..

2nd episode of our monthly slot on Radio Alhara راديو الحارة.

New mix from our beloved and one of the most intriguing Athenian selectors, mighty Chris OD.

1st episode of our monthly slot on Radio Alhara راديو الحارة.

A percussive selection from all around the world, mixed by the digger – radio producer and Underflow Records crew member, George Rallis. Recorded for Entropia Records. Athens, October 2020. Image from Yoruba tribe, by Babatunde Lawal (Visions Of Africa)

ΚΕΜΑΛ from Berceuse Heroique, further Εγκεφαλικά selections. Recorded at Entropia Records. Athens, June 2020

Our ritual for isolation. 119 minutes of music we love, selected for the Berlin based collective Recordat and transmitted on a Sunday evening of April 2020 via Radio Alhara راديو الحارة in Bethlehem, Palestine.

Selections from the Athenian vinyl hunter, professional dentist & amateur dj, Dim k, The Witchdoctor. A mix recorded for Entropia Records. Athens, January 2020

137′ Σκόνη & Θρύψαλα. A mix by Amalia recorded live at Romantso, Athens. February 2020 | Artwork design by bend.gr

Kondaktor set from Modal Analysis Showcase. Recorded live at Temple, Athens. Saturday 30 November 2019. Image: British nurse practising on her mask during the World War II.

Kocmoc at the request of Entropia Records. A recording that came out in northern Halkidiki, Greece on November 2019. Kocmoc isn’t sure what Kocmoc is. But feel free to ask. The answer will always be different. Photo from “Fava” beach, Sithonia.

Motivated by her love own love for sound and space shaped through music and architecture, Aggelika merges those two into a personal way, by mixing dark, synth melodies and body-oriented music with imaginary spaces. Recorded at Entropia Records. Athens, October 2019. Image from Ilias Papagiannopoulos, handmade layout

Bakerman – Mixed Flavors for Entropia Records. Bakerman kneads flavors from the Athenian nights. Image from Spetses island, Greece circa 1934.

ΚΕΜΑΛ (Berceuse Heroique) Εγκεφαλικά selections. Recorded at Entropia Records. Athens, October 2019 Image from Mont Athos, St. Paul Monastere

Hybrids from Yugoslavia, Turkey, Ethiopia & Thailand selected by Thanasis Moutsopoulos. Recorded at Entropia Records. August 2019. Image taken in Bangkok, Thailand

A lovely mix by Futura Oscura with rare Morrocan 45’s bought in Casablanca. Recorded at Entropia Records. July 2019, Sleeve: الشيخ البوعبيدي

An hour long mix of tsiki tsiki & discoid tunes, served by Akis Chontasis. Recorded at Romantso, Athens. April 2019

Greek instrumental Tsifteteli rockers, Laika-shake and early Skiladika songs selected from the 45’s Radio Martiko recently found in Athens. Read Radio Martiko interview under the tab Chaos.

An hour long selections of Belly dance, Mizrahi, Tsiftetelia & obscure Discoid Folk tunes from past decades.