Embrace the chaos

Somewhere between long conversations about the perfect beat, trips to meet new sounds and midnight record listening.

Among visits in dusty basements, flea markets and tiny stores hidden in the narrow streets of the capital.
Over the years of sharing the same excitement for music and love for the format, Records.
Entropia was born. An old flat turned into shelter.

An online record store based in Athens, Greece created by the mutual vision of two friends and record collectors, who decided to put an order into their chaos.

We carefully hand-pick our offered stock based on our personal taste, backround & aesthetic in music yet always devoted to discovering unearthed and latest released gems.

New and used aural pleasures constantly available for you, in fair prices, to keep your turntables in an endless spinning.

Life is a chaos and this is our way of keeping our universe from tending to disorder.

Welcome to E N T R O P I A