Entropia Records for Movement (1920-2020): Beyond and Between Borders

We commisioned two mixes with selected music we love for Movement (1920-2020): Beyond and Between Borders, air played at the festival 24/7 radio. Movement is an invitation to imagine our common future in an open world beyond borders, beyond racial and gender restrictions.

Black Birds Of Diaspora – Entropia Records >> Listen

These songs represent the rural and shepherding everyday life, the influences from the neighbors, the historical roots, the strive to imitate sounds from nature and the internal and external migration in big cities. Most of the songs were recorded in America. The migrants retained in their musical expression the traditional elements of their previous life back in home, Greece.

Greek and Middle Eastern – Entropia Records >> Listen


Movement is curated by Detach & produced by Onassis Stegi in collaboration with Goethe Institut.

Entropia Records one off transmission for Radio Alhara راديو الحارة

Our ritual for isolation. 119 minutes of music we love, selected for the Berlin based collective Recordat and transmitted on a Sunday evening of April 2020 via Radio Alhara راديو الحارة in Bethlehem, Palestine.

Radio Alhara emerges in a time of isolation and boredom, a time where the future of the world as we know it remains unknown. The project is inspired by Radio il Hai Beirut and Radio Alhuma Tunis, which were in turn inspired by Radio Quartiere Milano. This is a communal radio station/program/project, it begins in Bethlehem and Ramallah, and aims to extend to other places in Palestine and throughout the world, an open platform for listening, adding, discussing, and chatting. So we can all go through this time of solitude while communicating and reminding each other of each other. We hope this is the beginning of a collective space that will continue once this worldwide crisis is over.