Entropia Records Official Opening

Entropia Records Official Opening – Pop up Record Store

Miracles Of The Seven Dances (RMLP004) Radio Martiko | Release Party

DJ set


On Sunday 28th of January we celebrate our official opening!

Exclusively for the night, Entropia crew will set up a pop up record store inside the friendly space of Spiti Bar.
Entropia stock, rare merchandise and selected second hand records will be available for on spot purchase.

Owners of our friendly label Radio Martiko, will be there for a unique DJ set where among other global obscure sounds, they will present their latest heavyweight release “Miracles Of The Seven Dances” by the Organ King Of Cairo, Hany Mehanna.

Our beloved British DJ / Producer Paul Bennett, and Greek selector Terra Exotica will frame the line up.

Radio Martiko

Iranian surf? Armenian rock ‘n roll? French Mambo? Greek 60’s obscurities? Radio Martiko, two Belgian Djs and record collectors, unearth lost gems in Casablanca, Cairo and Athens.
In Monastiraki flea market and in tiny shops of Morocco. They play the Eastern rythm in West, and they doing it right.


Terra Exotica

Chrysostomos Lazarides is always looking for the next track that will make him loose his brain, and force him to find the frequencies that will sent him close to Terra Exotica. His record collection consists mainly African, Latin American and Middle Eastern sounds, while including traditional Pontian music at his sets he has brought in light rythms, till today, unknown to the wider audience.

Paul Bennett

A Britsh from the island of Ikaria, who manages to survive in Athens for 13 years without speaking any Greek. He produces new music and records mixtapes for some quality European labels. He does that on a studio he set by his own, somewhere in south suburbs. He exits his studio only to mix records at clubs downtown Athens, or to pick up a brand new effects unit from the post office.

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