Dark Vektor, the Catalan electronic music producer talks to Entropia & delivers a special Electro mix.

– When was the first time you decided to express yourself through drum machines and synthesizers? How did it all started?

From the late 80’s and early 90’s I have always been intrigued of how the electronic music, that I am so in love, is made. I found out that an ATARI computer, a synthesizer and a drum machine was needed, so we bought them and we started to experiment. We did all sorts of things, really horrible stuff but we learned a lot. Later me and David Farell from Sbles3plex focused on the Electro style we love.

– During the mid 00’s you did a feature at Darkbeat documentary, titled “An Electro World Voyage”, would you like to share some memories from that moment?

I had my two minutes of fame! It was a beautiful experience, we spent a day in Barcelona with Uprock and Iris B Cegarra, walking and talking about. Even though I had already released three EP’s in Djax-Up-Beats and we had our own record label “Dona-li Records”, a lot of people got to know me from that documentary.

– How you would describe the evolution of the Electro scene in your country during your years active?

It has been an accelerated expansion from being four active producers to more than fifty today. The Electro scene in Spain is growing every day thanks to open forums, meetings, parties and facebook groups. There are a lot of talented producers with great future potential.

– The French sublabel Bass Academy, recently released a 12″ where you share sides with some old friends, the Blotnik Brothers. How did this release happened?

Well, Steven from FDB Recordings wanted to do a vinyl series with collaborations. He proposed me to do the first edition. He asked me to name artists that i wanted to appear on the flip side of the record. I thought it was a great idea, so I proposed the Blotnik Brothers. Steven loved the idea, Blotnik haven’t released anything for years and that’s how this record happened.

– The US based label Fundamental Bass Intelligence just announced the return of the Sbles3plex with a full length album,what should we expect from the “Maquinas Deseantes” more than ten years after duo’s last output?

Yes! We are really excited about releasing this album. It’s our first LP and it has been in works for a long time, but soon it will come into light. Since we started working on it, many things happened to our lives so it’s a record filled with feelings. It’s a return to the early era of Sbles3plex. David and I wanted to make a record based on our roots as producers, on the contrary it’s not massive productions as we wanted to achieve a cold sound with synthesized rythms & minimalistic bass. It will be released on double CD one of which will feature remixes by great artists from all around the world. Later, the idea is to release also some 12″ out of this album.

– How did the Seek 2012 project arrive?

Kapi and I met through Electro Alliance, soon we realised that we live ten minutes away from each other. We have mutual respect and admiration so the collaboration was unavoidable. Seek 2012 was born. I would say that is a very good combination between Kapi’s elegance and the thuggish bad temper of mine. We both like the same music themes so we decided to make music together.

– Why you choose vocoders to perform your vocals and what is the equipment you use to achieve that unique robotic sound?

I don’t use vocoders in all of my tracks. Sometimes i just pitchshift my voice and others i use my clear voice without any effects. But, i love vocoders, it’s a very cold sound that ends up being so warm…it’s a bit contradictory what i just said but this is how i feel it. I use several vocoders, AKAI DC Vocoder is the one i use most. I also use VirSyn MATRIX, Nord Micro Modular & Roland JP-8080.

– Few people know about your Latin Freestyle project released on Destune records, a label from Miami. Would you like to share some details about?

I have always been in love with Freestyle. I make lots of different music styles that I never show to anyone. I made a Freestyle track with scratches by DJ E-Rivaldo and vocals by Liza Lilintahl and Marinetta. I sent it to Destune to tell me what they think, they really liked it so they proposed me to release a 12” with a remix by Jorge Ojeda. Later, another track was released from the same label but in digital version. I am very proud of this record.

– You use to run your own label named Donali – Records, tell us your experience as a label owner.

It was a great experience and we learned a lot. It wasn’t only me who was in charge of the label. We organized it together with friends, Gerard Escobar, Sergi Botella and Manel Batlle. Each member had it’s specific role inside the organization. We had a great time on that period but unfortunately the fall of the distribution companies affected us and it was very difficult to carry on being independent. Though, we managed to achieve our aim which was to release five compilations. We really wanted to keep on going but due to lack of distribution, our last record DR006 didn’t sell enough, so we faced the loss and we didn’t had the money to continue.

– Are there any quality record stores left in Barcelona? How is the vinyl market going there?

A record shop in Barcelona that i strongly recommend is Discos Paradiso. It’s a really cool shop with very nice people, highly motivated and experienced. Unfortunately since I don’t have enough time and money, I no longer purchase as many vinyls as I used to.

– Which is your all time favourite Electro tune from your country?

Ahhhh, I have many favourite songs and it’s very difficult to choose one in specific. There are a lot of artists that i really admire such as Spy, Downrocks, Robert Cosmic, Alek Stark, Replicante Norman, Synth Alien, Vema, Korrupted Brothers, Meka and Proto70 to name some, but I will tell you a song that I listen a lot and has always a great essence. It’s called “Cyton Planet” By DJ Alex & Split DJ. Another one that brings me a lot of memories is “Amor Sintetico” By Koshmaker.

– What’s next for Dark Vektor?

I never stop. Next to come is some compilations that i will be featuring and also a couple of vinyls are in plan. I can’t share more as in Catalonia we have the expression “no es diu blat fins que no esta al sac I ben lligat”. Which means ” Until everything is ready don’t say anythng because it could be jinxed”.

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